Sony RX100V

Welcome back to Learning Fun for Everyone!  Mister C loves to create fun and exciting videos for students, parents and teachers!  I’m posting today because I’ve been experimenting with our new Sony RX100V that I purchased back in December.  After having used it for some time now, I’ve really come to appreciate how easy it is to take photos, videos and my favorite…high speed! Prior to owning the Sony RX100V, we had the SonyRX100, which treated us very well for many many years (5-6 I believe). After debating for many many weeks,  I decided it was time to upgrade because I was really eager to have a point and shoot camera that could easily be used for HD video and also high speed footage.


We recently did a science video on water beads – included below.  The last part of the video (approximate time at 3:20),  is one of the slow motion clips we took using the Sony RX100V.  I think it looks pretty sweet!  I have another water beads video that I’m currently editing and will post shortly which includes many more slow motion clips using the SonyRX100V.  I’ll definitely post that new video here as well, but for now, but sure to check out how clean and crisp the footage at the end of the video.

One of the accessories we ended up purchasing for the camera was the Sony case.  It’s actually really cool and simple to use and has kept out camera in really good condition.  Our original RX100 held up nicely and still takes great photos, but the body of the camera is beaten up a little.  I’m hoping that this new case will help keep our RX100V in much better condition.

Lots of fun and exciting slow motion videos on the way!

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Mister C Tee

Welcome back!  Mister C has been busy working on various projects:  New math videos, Science Videos, programming for PBS and also building a new sister site,, where Mister C tee and science apparel will be available for purchase.  Show your support and join the crew!  Use coupon code: crew2017 for 20% off.

In addition to Mister C Tees apparel, you can also find Mister C Bobble Head window decals that allow you to show your pride while you ride!

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ohana-institute-logoMister C is always trying to find new and exciting ways to connect with people all over the world!  In fact, Mister C is visiting the amazing Ohana Institute today to work with students on creating music in the classroom.  Mister C’s session iMakeMusic is an extension of Grab the M.I.C. (Music Integration Concept) that Mister C has been working on for many years.  Visit LearningScienceisFun to see all of Mister C’s videos in one spot!

Mister C is committed to making learning fun for everyone and iMakeMusic is just another way to engage and get students of all ages actively involved with their learning.  The idea is simple and can be broken down into a few simple steps:

  1. Select a topic
  2. Brainstorm key information that will help others learn the topic
  3. Compose a song
  4. Write and rehears lyrics
  5. Record your vocals
  6. Publish your song so the world can enjoy learning with you

One of the biggest factors teachers are concerned about when completing a project like this is time! The good news is that when you allow students to embrace and complete a project like this, they learn, collaborate and create a final product that not only has provided them a multitude of learning opportunities, but in fact is a product that can be used and shared with others!  That’s the power of music and the meaning behind learning!

Need help getting started?  Check out my blog post at PBS to learn more.  And…please watch the video below.  It’s Mister C’s latest and greatest math song:  STOP, DROP & ROLL.




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Stop, Drop and Roll ~ Long Division Rap

Hey Everyone!

I’m really excited to announce that I have completed the song, “Stop, Drop and Roll”!  We are now working on the video and hope to have it completed by the end of August!  Mister C has been swamped with lots of new and exciting endeavors recently.  I’ve taken a new position as Director of the Dayton Regional STEM Center and have also been selected as Ohio’s Lead PBS Digital Innovator.  It’s quite amazing how fast time really flies by when you are having fun.  Sometimes, you just need to STOP, DROP and ROLL with it!

In all honestly, the new long division song should be lots of fun and I hope students and teachers like it!  It’s reenergized me to create lots of new songs!  In fact, my goal for the 16-17 school year is to release 4-6 new songs/videos and keep my YouTube Channel growing.  Mister C now has 5000 subscribers and wants to get to 10,000!!!  With your help, it’s possible.

Here’s a sneak peak to this year’s line up:

1. Stop, Drop and Roll

2. No Bully Zone

3. Metamorphosis

4. Shapes

5. Food Chains

6. Triangles


Stay tuned and check back for more information soon.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook!  Many, many thanks to my fans who keep me motivated to create new and fun math and science songs!


~Mister C

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Mister C’s Science Crew


Last month at our Science Saturdays show, we explored the wonderful world of sound!  It was awesome and we had tons of
demonstrations and activities that illustrated how sound is made, how it travels and most importantly what happens if we don’t have any vibrations!….”No Vibrations…No Sound!”  Our audience members are so much fun and really feed the show each and every month.  There’s nothing better than having our young scientists join me on stage to demonstrate or participate in an experiment!

Mister Cs science crewOn June 11th, 2016, Mister C and his Science Sidekick Joe will explore the world of motion and know that it will get students and families thinking about Newton’s Law in a fun and exciting way!  Mister C really loves to make “Learning fun for everyone!”  If you are interested in attending one of our live shows, more information can be found at  In addition to all the great shows we have in store, Mister C has created a new tee that will be available soon.  What do you think about the new Mister C’s Science Crew tee?  Are you ready to be a part of Mister C’s Science Crew!?!


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Mister C reaches 1.5 million views

1.5 Million Views and 5000 subscribers!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

I really can’t say thank you enough to all the students, parents, and educators that visit my sites and Facebook page to watch the videos and songs that I create for students all around the world!  I will continue to create content and provide family fun educational tools to use in the classroom or at home!

Mister CIt you don’t already know, I’ve been hosting a science show called Science Saturdays with Mister C.  We just completed our 2nd show on Flight this past weekend.  If you are interested in checking out some photos, head over to Facebook to take a look.  We had so much fun.  Our next show is on Sound and I hear it’s going to be super DUPER Awesome!  Lots of fun and exciting demonstrations that the entire family can enjoy and learn from!

In addition to our Facebook page, we also have a page at PBS’ ThinkTV .  Each month we’ll be exploring a new concept and you can head over to ThinkTV’s page to locate some fun and exciting activities which support our theme for the month!  It’s pretty pretty cool to say the least.  Not only are there fun activities, but you’ll be able to see our monthly video which introduces the topic for our show.  Be sure to check it out!

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Mister C is Ohio’s Lead Digital Innovator!

Mister C Scientist CartoonGlad you made it back to Learning Fun for Everyone!  Mister C has been very busy the last few months and is working on various projects and songs!  If you haven’t heard yet, Mister C was selected as Ohio’s Lead PBS Digital Learning Media Innovator!  It is an honor to be selected from Ohio’s large talent pool and I look forward to learning and collaborating with other Digital Innovators from across the country!

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the application video, check it out here.  I had so much fun making it and also had a chance to dance a little!


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Science Saturdays

It’s been too long since I’ve posted on the site!  But…there’s a reason for it.  Mister C has been working on a super duper top secret project called Science Saturdays with Mister C.  We will be having a live show every second Saturday each month on a different science topic.  Check out the flyer!  Can’t make the show? Don’t worry.  We will be recording parts of the live show and will get them posted online for you to view!

Thank you for all of the support over the years!  Sharing my love for science and learning with the world is what matters most to me!

Learning science is fun!

Learning science is fun!

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What’s Gravity Hill all about?

Mister C had the chance to visit New Paris, Pennsylvania a few weeks ago to challenge the laws of physics at the legendary Gravity Hill!  Watch the video and let Mister C know what you think is happening?  Is it really possible for a car to roll uphill? Mister C doesn’t think so, but is curious to see what you think?  Gravity Hill really does feel like a bizarre place and I’ll be sure to post more information about what’s going on at this hill shortly.

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Mister C meets Bambi

So, the last few months have been really ultra busy with work, school, and even some remodeling in our home (It’s amazing how much math you need in order to build cabinets, find area to purchase and install new flooring, and keep track of the total bill – that part, not as much fun!).   I’ve also been working on a super duper, ultra awesome, top secret science project that is sure to make learning fun for everyone!  That’s right, I really can’t share anything just yet, but I hope to let everyone know about the exciting news very shortly.  Super uber galactic cool!

Alright, now that I have those things out of the way, I wanted to share a couple of cool photos with you.  Recently, our home has become the central hub for animals.  It’s true, so Cesar Millan may have to move over and let me have his prime time slot on television.  (Just kidding.   He works with dogs, and I’m more  of an all around nature guy and communicate well with the mosquitoes and insects.  Believe it or not, but the mosquitoes love me and land on me all evening long everyone where I go!!!!)

Last month, we had two baby birds in a nest right next to our sunroom.  I took lots of footage (two weeks) and am working on condensing the footage and making a video with it. It’s amazing to watch the mommy and daddy birds come and feed the babies!  Ultra cute, and makes you appreciate that your mom and dad don’t regurgitate food into your mouth while you are eating dinner with your friends (that could be weird)!  I should have that footage ready soon.

We’ve also been visited by all sorts of snakes, a fox, falcons, woodpeckers and deer.  There’s even an albino squirrel running

Mister C meets Deer learning fun for everyonearound our neighborhood.  He’s like a teenie tinie little polar bear.  I haven’t gotten good footage of him yet, but I am trying (Photos of the other animals on the way).  But this last week, I think the deer have been celebrating the 4th of July and have decided to eat Mrs. C’s flowers.  We’ve had the same deer visit us four consecutive days to eat our plants.  The deer came right up to our front porch at around 7:46 pm and started chowing down on our plants.  I am pulling the footage off of the surveillance, but wanted to post this for the time being.


Not only did “Bambi” visit us at dusk the first night, but she also came in the middle of the night (4:42 am) for a midnight snack.  You can see the deer walking right across our driveway and heading straight for the plants.  The deer only ate Mrs. C’s sweet potato vines.  The petunias and other plants we potted were not bothered at all by the deer.  Deer in Driveway mister C learning fun for everyone


We’ll get more pics added to the site soon!  Thanks for visiting!

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