Math Videos

Fraction Action

Line ‘Em Up




PEMDAS Style (Psy’s Gangnam Style Parody)


9 thoughts on “Math Videos

    • Currently, the videos are only available for streaming on YouTube. Ask your teacher if he/she can access the videos using the school’s system.

  1. Thx I just sent them the link too this webpage and it work, just we can’t go to the website, and also last year the glass I was in they played your songs like pemdas, percepitation, 3m’s and the whole class loved it!

  2. Thank you so much my 5th grade students love your videos! I have been using them for several years. Lovee, Love, Love PEMDAS!

  3. Using your PEMDAS video with my students on Wednesday! Can’t wait to see how it goes!! What talent!

    • Thank you for the comment! You’ll have to come back and post to let us know how it goes! ~Mister C

  4. i luv your 3 Ms video it is incredibly awesome! im a 6th grade student at JEI in tulsa, I was in Miss Wilson class just yesterday when i heard the song!!! Plz do more videos

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