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Lesson Starters by Mister C are designed to engage students and get them thinking.  Students, teachers and parents are always looking for fun and interesting ways to engage in mathematics and Mister C’s lesson starters is the perfect tool for classrooms.  Mister C is dedicated to creating fun and exciting content that gets kids thinking about math.  Mister C continues to create additional content and hopes to have more and more lesson starters available.  Have an idea, click the “Contact” tab above to suggest a new Lesson Starter to Mister C.

The following POD’s (Problem of the Day) encourage students to think and use multiple math skills/concepts in order to solve the problem.  So….what are you waiting for?  Watch a video, use it in your class, or share it with a friend via Facebook/Twitter/YouTube.  Have fun learning!!

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The Penny Rule

Hershey Bar Problem

Area vs. Perimeter

The Locker Problem

MPG (Miles per Gallon)

Pumpkin Circumference


3 thoughts on “Lesson Starters

  1. Homeschooling and just found your site yesterday. The videos really make for a good time in math. Starting any subject with a smile is always productive to a good session. Will be checking out the Science next week.

    Thank you

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