Fun Science

Fun science videos are just that!  Mister C is knows that fun science can be done at school and at home.  Looking to make slime, grow spider balls, make instant snow or see what boiling water does in subzero temperatures?  Yeah….me too!  That’s why I have these fun science videos here for everyone to enjoy.  Remember, talk to a parent or an adult when doing any science experiments.

Science should be fun for everyone and fun science should be accessible by all!  Click the videos below and you’ll what Mister C used to complete the video and experiment.  It’s easy and can really be done by everyone.

Have an experiment you’d like Mister C to video and post to the site?  Click the Contact tab above and let me know what you’d like to see.  Mister C is always looking for fun experiments to conduct.

Click one of the videos below and enjoy.

Leaf blower vs. Mister C | Mister C


Gravity Hill | Mister C

Home Made Lava Lamp | Mister C

Spider Balls Experiment | Mister C 

Home made slime | Mister C

Rainbow Instant Snow Polymers | Mister C

Boiling Water, Subzero Temperatures | Mister C

Boiling Water, Super Soaker | Mister C


Bean Boozled Challendge (Jelly Belly) | Mister C