Mister C’s focus is to create meaningful content in the form of videos and songs to help students better prepare for class.  Be certain to check out my YouTube channel LearningScienceisFun.  Below you will find hyperlinks to Mister C’s videos.  Click the link and enjoy the videos.  Be sure to share your favorites with friends and family.  If any of your teachers ever have you watch any of my songs in class, be sure to come back and post a comment.  Mister C loves to hear about classrooms and teachers who use the videos in the class.


Mister C Bobble Head

Flashcards –  Looking to fine tune your math skills and work on your math facts?  Awesome!  Click this link and work on some basic math facts.  




Mister C Penny Rule


Lesson Starters –  Mister C has a number of lesson starters to get you thinking about real life math.  Watch the video and see if you can solve the problem.  Be sure to post your solution in the comment section of each video!



clock face

Math Videos –   Mister C’s math videos have become very popular and make it easy to remember key steps when solving problems.  Whether you listen to one of Mister C’s original hits, or get a chuckle from a parody, you’re sure to learn some good math to enhance your skills. 



Mister C Space Astronaut

Science Videos – Mister C’s science videos are sure to get you dancing and thinking about science.  From Photosynthesis to The Moon, Mister C continues to create songs for students to enjoy!





High Speed Videos –  Can someone say AWESOME!  These videos were created to allow folks to see science in slow motion.   Have a cool idea you think Mister C should try recording in slow motion?  Let me know and we’ll try to make the video!




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Fun Science - Mister C wants learning to be fun.  Here are some nifty videos that are just neat to watch.  From instant snow to subzero temperatures, Mister C continues to create fun videos for all to enjoy.