Stop, Drop and Roll ~ Long Division Rap

Hey Everyone!

I’m really excited to announce that I have completed the song, “Stop, Drop and Roll”!  We are now working on the video and hope to have it completed by the end of August!  Mister C has been swamped with lots of new and exciting endeavors recently.  I’ve taken a new position as Director of the Dayton Regional STEM Center and have also been selected as Ohio’s Lead PBS Digital Innovator.  It’s quite amazing how fast time really flies by when you are having fun.  Sometimes, you just need to STOP, DROP and ROLL with it!

In all honestly, the new long division song should be lots of fun and I hope students and teachers like it!  It’s reenergized me to create lots of new songs!  In fact, my goal for the 16-17 school year is to release 4-6 new songs/videos and keep my YouTube Channel growing.  Mister C now has 5000 subscribers and wants to get to 10,000!!!  With your help, it’s possible.

Here’s a sneak peak to this year’s line up:

1. Stop, Drop and Roll

2. No Bully Zone

3. Metamorphosis

4. Shapes

5. Food Chains

6. Triangles


Stay tuned and check back for more information soon.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook!  Many, many thanks to my fans who keep me motivated to create new and fun math and science songs!


~Mister C

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