Spine-tingling Thinglink fun with Mister C

So….it’s pretty obvious that this is a super awesome image of a person’s spine!  And thanks to Thinglink.com, you can create nifty images that allow users to actively engage in the content.  Whether you want to include text, images, video or links to specific URL’s, it’s easy…very easy!  Over the last few days, I’ve been playing a little more on Thinglink’s site.  In a matter of minutes, I’ve uploaded and created a number of Thinglink images that will now engage students and teachers (I’ll be posting additional interactive images throughout the month.

If you haven’t done so yet, I’d head over to Thinglink.com and create an account.  The best part is that it’s free, quick, simple!  Cool tech for teachers!!!!  Once logged in, you upload a few photos and then begin creating!  I had some issues using Safari (it wouldn’t allow me to scroll while editing my image), and ended up working in Chrome with no issues at all.  There are a number of upgradeable features if you wish to pay a minimal premium, but I found the free options adequate for my needs.  Once you’ve added everyTHING to your image, it’s ready to get published.   I even included a poll from my PollDaddy account!  Sweeeeeeeetttttttt!

So who should use ThingLink?  Anyone and everyone.  Students can use it and include additional interactive content when working on a blog (Edublogs), while teachers can send students on a treasure hunt, or provide weekly updates to families using a single image.  It can be a powerful tool in any classroom setting.  Who doesn’t love a good game of Eye Spy!?!

Now it’s your time to give it a try.  Create an account, build your interactive image and then watch how visitors interact with your image from your Thinglink dashboard.


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