Sony RX100V

Welcome back to Learning Fun for Everyone!  Mister C loves to create fun and exciting videos for students, parents and teachers!  I’m posting today because I’ve been experimenting with our new Sony RX100V that I purchased back in December.  After having used it for some time now, I’ve really come to appreciate how easy it is to take photos, videos and my favorite…high speed! Prior to owning the Sony RX100V, we had the SonyRX100, which treated us very well for many many years (5-6 I believe). After debating for many many weeks,  I decided it was time to upgrade because I was really eager to have a point and shoot camera that could easily be used for HD video and also high speed footage.


We recently did a science video on water beads – included below.  The last part of the video (approximate time at 3:20),  is one of the slow motion clips we took using the Sony RX100V.  I think it looks pretty sweet!  I have another water beads video that I’m currently editing and will post shortly which includes many more slow motion clips using the SonyRX100V.  I’ll definitely post that new video here as well, but for now, but sure to check out how clean and crisp the footage at the end of the video.

One of the accessories we ended up purchasing for the camera was the Sony case.  It’s actually really cool and simple to use and has kept out camera in really good condition.  Our original RX100 held up nicely and still takes great photos, but the body of the camera is beaten up a little.  I’m hoping that this new case will help keep our RX100V in much better condition.

Lots of fun and exciting slow motion videos on the way!

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