Publications & Presentations

Mister C takes pride in sharing information with other educators all across the world and is thankful he has had a number of opportunities to do so in a number of settings.  This page includes some of Mister C’s articles and presentations.  I’ll continue to update this page with new presentations or publications as they occur or become available.


Keynote Speaker

TCEA 2018

OCTM 2017

ISTE 2017

FETC 2017

DRSC 2015:  Mister C was selected to present at the Dayton Regional STEM Conference and share insights on using music in the classroom.

OCTM Fall 2015:  Mister C loves presenting at OCTM and sharing his passion and knowledge with fellow Ohioans!  “Math + Music = Learning Fun for Everyone” was a great presentation and Mister C had over 200 attendees!  This presentation focused on the basic steps any teacher could take to embed music into their classroom.

K12 Online Conference 2014:  Mister C had the opportunity to ignite innovation and share his passion with the world.  It’s time to Grab the MIC.

ETTSummit 2014:  Mister C has submitted a proposal and was accepted as a presenter at the EdTechTeacher Summit!  The presentation will focus on creating a classroom studio and engaging students with relevant apps strategies and apps to make any classroom successful.  Interested in downloading the PDF of the presentation, just click here….. Original Mister C ETTSUMMIT 2014 Revised.

OCTM Fall 2014:  Mister C will be presenting at the 2014 OCTM conference.  Creating a Mobile Music classroom.  Details and presentation to be posted soon!

OCTM Fall 2013:  Mister C presented at OCTM in Dayton, OH, and focuses on math and music integration.  OCTM 2013Presentation PDF file.

NCTM 2006:  Where is the Moon Tonight? was an article that was published in NCTM in 2006.  It focuses on the moon and its relationship to the Earth, its phases and 2D and 3D representations.


Dayton Daily News highlighted the singing principal, Mister C, in this article.  It was so much fun to be recognized by local media.  Click on the link to read the article.

Mister C was selected as Ohio’s PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator for 2016.  I am very excited to represent Ohio this year and hope to share my love and passion with other educators from around the county.  Check out Mister C’s submission video here.