Mister C meets Bambi

So, the last few months have been really ultra busy with work, school, and even some remodeling in our home (It’s amazing how much math you need in order to build cabinets, find area to purchase and install new flooring, and keep track of the total bill – that part, not as much fun!).   I’ve also been working on a super duper, ultra awesome, top secret science project that is sure to make learning fun for everyone!  That’s right, I really can’t share anything just yet, but I hope to let everyone know about the exciting news very shortly.  Super uber galactic cool!

Alright, now that I have those things out of the way, I wanted to share a couple of cool photos with you.  Recently, our home has become the central hub for animals.  It’s true, so Cesar Millan may have to move over and let me have his prime time slot on television.  (Just kidding.   He works with dogs, and I’m more  of an all around nature guy and communicate well with the mosquitoes and insects.  Believe it or not, but the mosquitoes love me and land on me all evening long everyone where I go!!!!)

Last month, we had two baby birds in a nest right next to our sunroom.  I took lots of footage (two weeks) and am working on condensing the footage and making a video with it. It’s amazing to watch the mommy and daddy birds come and feed the babies!  Ultra cute, and makes you appreciate that your mom and dad don’t regurgitate food into your mouth while you are eating dinner with your friends (that could be weird)!  I should have that footage ready soon.

We’ve also been visited by all sorts of snakes, a fox, falcons, woodpeckers and deer.  There’s even an albino squirrel running

Mister C meets Deer learning fun for everyonearound our neighborhood.  He’s like a teenie tinie little polar bear.  I haven’t gotten good footage of him yet, but I am trying (Photos of the other animals on the way).  But this last week, I think the deer have been celebrating the 4th of July and have decided to eat Mrs. C’s flowers.  We’ve had the same deer visit us four consecutive days to eat our plants.  The deer came right up to our front porch at around 7:46 pm and started chowing down on our plants.  I am pulling the footage off of the surveillance, but wanted to post this for the time being.


Not only did “Bambi” visit us at dusk the first night, but she also came in the middle of the night (4:42 am) for a midnight snack.  You can see the deer walking right across our driveway and heading straight for the plants.  The deer only ate Mrs. C’s sweet potato vines.  The petunias and other plants we potted were not bothered at all by the deer.  Deer in Driveway mister C learning fun for everyone


We’ll get more pics added to the site soon!  Thanks for visiting!

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