Hot 2 Cold

Hot2Cold by Mister C


Heat Tranfer

is really neat,

It always goes from Hot 2 Cold, from Hot 2 Cold from Hot to Cold…Say What????


Heat Transfer is really neat,

It always goes from hot to cold.

You’ll always remember this kiddies,

even when you’re gettting old.


When you go out to dinner,

you want food that’s nice and hot!

but if you wait too long to eat, oh

you’ll be so sad with what you’ve got!


See what happens, it’s really easy

The food is sitting out touching the air

The heat from the food’s not disappearing

It’s being transferred to the air!




Now it’s summer time

and you’re at the pool,

Jumping off the high dive.

Once you touch that cool water,

it  feels like you’re frozen alive.


See what happens, it’s really simple,

Your body has a warmer temperature.

Cuz once you touch that cooler water,

it’s taking your heat energy for sure!



A thermometer,

is a tool we use to measure heat energy.

It measures particles movement,

they’re moving endlessly.


When molecules gain heat energy,

they move around faster!

The liquid expands and the temp goes up,

on the thermometer, cuz………




Grab some different objects sitting in your room at home.

Some feel cooler

while others feel warmer

but they have the same temperature, sooooooo….


The reason is

that some objects conduct energy better than others,

meaning it takes energy easily,

we call these things conductors


The objects that felt warmer

We call these insulators

They don’t conduct energy that well, so….

I’ll see ya’ll later.



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