Fraction Action

Fraction Action ~ by Mister C

What is fraction,
what does it mean
it’s not a whole, but somewhere in between
it’s part of whole staring back at me
so easy to learn, but you’ve got to believe

Learning about fractions,
such a simple start
Cuz when you see a fraction, it really has two parts
the numerator and denominator
two different parts, yeah,
we’ll teach you about ‘em later

Fraction action, partial satisfaction
c’mon everybody cuz that’s the attraction
fraction action, fraction action
fra fra fra fra fraction action

Denominator Total parts that we have
Denominator Total parts that we have
Denominator Total parts that we have
While the numerator are the parts you grab

That’s a fraction-the basic effect
so now let’s make it real yeah, what’s comes next!
maybe a  pizza, cuz I know you’ll like the smell of it.
& talking pizza makes a fraction super relevant

now think about a one that you had for din din
8 slices then you start sharing
what you finally noticed and what you finally saw
you gave away your pizza now there’s nothing at all.

Cuz Your mom and your brother each took a slice
they both walked away with an ? of a pie
and your sister eats pizza galore
she grabbed two slices which is really ¼

half the pizza’s gone and your dad starts to laugh,
he grabs the last four slices won’t give them back
Dad, that’s half, you took four of eight slices
I’m your son, you should be a bit nicer

“Ha ha” he said as he ate away
“ha ha, he said it again, ½ of a pizza sure tastes great
Next time there sonny, cut it into more slices &
Next time there sonny, guess what-you will realize it, cuz

4x’s When you cut the pieces into smaller pieces, look at the denominator …begin increasing


That’s when I thought, I’ve got to set this straight
next time more slices rather than eight
but like my daddy said we you divide it more
the slices get smaller, you can see for sure!

The biggest slice would be one whole pie
but that’s not sharing, so.I better think twice
One whole pie divided by two…
that means…. one slice for me and one slice for you

one third even smaller than a half
¼ even smaller, it’s just basic math
a fifth or an eighth make no mistake
cut it into 16ths the more you’ll want to take!