Science Lessons

The following science lessons have been uploaded for students and teachers to access and use.  Mister C believes that student-centered learning should be the focus of every classroom.  These following lessons are designed to get students actively engaged with learning.  Teachers are encouraged to facilitate the lessons while guiding students through the content.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mister C!



Activity:  My Pond Coloring Book is a black and white version of Mister C’s book.  Teachers and students are encouraged to download the book and use it their science classes.  The book has all of the lyrics in it, allowing students to follow along with the song.

Build your own ecology bottle.  Whether it’s an aquarium or terrarium, observing critters is a fun way to improve your observation skills while seeing how living and non-living things interact.

Activity: Critter Count – Build and create a  graphic inventory of the critters in your ecology bottle.

Activity: Critter Menu – Monitor and determine how your critters get energy!

Activity:  Ecology Bottle Daily Observation – Use this form to track what’s happening in your ecology bottle.





Activity:  Our Earth – This excerpt from the Earth and Moon unit gets students to work with the earth and learn about its characteristics and rotation on its axis and its orbit around the sun.

Song: Visit iTunes HERE to listen to “Our Earth”

Activity:  Where is the Moon Tonight?? is an article that I co-authored with two other professors from Wright State University.  The article also contains sample pages from the Moon Unit that I developed.  The article focuses on the importance of guided-inquiry and how students are able to learn about the moon and its orbit around the sun using 2D and 3D representations.  The article was featured in NCTM in May 2006.




Activity:  Learning-about-Electricity-by-Mister-C – This sample is from the beginning of  my electricity unit and focuses on students being able to create their own simple circuits and learning the basics of what a circuit is and what is needed in order to build one.  Can you use a single light bulb, a single wire and a sing battery to make the bulb light four different ways.

Song:  Available via email.  Please contact Mister C to request a copy of the song.  The song is currently not available on iTunes yet.

ActivityHeat-Transfer-by-Mister-C This sample is from the middle of the unit.  At this point in the lesson, students have already worked through learning how to measure and converting their measurements.  This portion tackles students misconception of things “feeling hotter or colder”.




ActivityHot-Air-Balloon-activity This lesson works students through the scientific method (Design Process) to develop a prototype hot air balloon for a company!  This could be a great lesson that enhances a unit on Heat Transfer!