Math Lessons

Included on this page are just a few of Mister C’s math lessons that can be used by students and teachers.  If you have questions, or need more information, feel free to contact Mister C.

The Things that Shape our Lives

ActivityThe-Things-that-Shape-our-Lives (PDF) – This unit focuses on shapes and is geared to familiarize students with shapes while going through an inquiry-based, student driven unit.  Please download the Castle-Drawing (PDF) as it is part of the activity as well.

Song:  In process.


Perfect Squares Unit

Activity: *Perfect Squares Unit  – This unit is designed to get students thinking about perfect squares!  Mister C is currently working on his perfect squares song and hopes to make it available in the near future.


Math Night Materials

I will be posting all of my family night math materials here shortly.  I am making some adjustments so that teachers and PTOs can easily adapt and use the materials at their school.  Stay tuned!