Mister C is always trying to find ways to share content and positively impact student learning through various science and math lessons.  I am currently in the process of writing more songs, and also scanning in and uploading various content that I had previously used as a curriculum supervisor, principal, or teacher.  During the 7 years I spent teaching science and the years I have been a curriculum supervisor, my objective has been to get students to take ownership of their learning and feel confident about the math and science skills they already had.  As educators, we must take the time to help students understand HOW to work to solve problems and become critical thinkers.   Too often, we create teacher-centered classrooms that prevent students from reaching their true potential.

The inquiry units I have made available for teachers/parents/students puts the student front and center and in charge of the learning.  The teacher’s role is to facilitate and help guide students through challenging components.  Teachers should not provide answers to students, rather redirect them with guiding questions.  i.e.  “Tell me what you are thinking? How did you solve that?  Have you considered?  What if…?”  Good luck my mathematicians of the world!

Math Lessons

Science Lessons

Please contact me if you have any questions.  ~Mister C