ohana-institute-logoMister C is always trying to find new and exciting ways to connect with people all over the world!  In fact, Mister C is visiting the amazing Ohana Institute today to work with students on creating music in the classroom.  Mister C’s session iMakeMusic is an extension of Grab the M.I.C. (Music Integration Concept) that Mister C has been working on for many years.  Visit LearningScienceisFun to see all of Mister C’s videos in one spot!

Mister C is committed to making learning fun for everyone and iMakeMusic is just another way to engage and get students of all ages actively involved with their learning.  The idea is simple and can be broken down into a few simple steps:

  1. Select a topic
  2. Brainstorm key information that will help others learn the topic
  3. Compose a song
  4. Write and rehears lyrics
  5. Record your vocals
  6. Publish your song so the world can enjoy learning with you

One of the biggest factors teachers are concerned about when completing a project like this is time! The good news is that when you allow students to embrace and complete a project like this, they learn, collaborate and create a final product that not only has provided them a multitude of learning opportunities, but in fact is a product that can be used and shared with others!  That’s the power of music and the meaning behind learning!

Need help getting started?  Check out my blog post at PBS to learn more.  And…please watch the video below.  It’s Mister C’s latest and greatest math song:  STOP, DROP & ROLL.




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