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Mister C

Learning Fun for Everyone was designed to bring students, teachers, parents and even community members together for one reason: Mister C wants to make “Learning Fun for Everyone”.  In this day and age of electronics and super duper cool gadgets, educators are faced with a challenging task:  Making the classroom experience more fun and engaging for students.  Mister C is here to help!

Mister C has been an educator for 15 years in the roles of a science teacher, elementary curriculum supervisor, principal, district level curriculum supervisor,  Director of Human Resources, and Director of a STEM Center .  Regardless of the position or title, Mister C has always believed that a classroom should be filled with rich, minds-on experiences that allow students to take learning by the reigns and make it their own.  When students are engaged, they learn!  This site is dedicated to getting students engaged.

Mister C is determined to take learning to new heights and works to find innovative ways for students to engage in learning.  Whether it’s learning content through music, developing tutorials/screencasts to illustrate a concept, or even using lessons starters (Problem of the Day – POD), students must have the opportunity to learn and think about what they are learning.

Mister C believes it is important to connect with students and parents and share content via social media.

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Check back often for more blogs and additional video content!  Thanks for helping make “Learning Fun for Everyone!”

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